Embark on a Journey of Transformation and Empowerment

Join a community where you're not always the star in the room but a part of a constellation of brilliant women. Embrace the support, wisdom, and empowerment of ELEVATE.

Redefine Your Success. Elevate Your Life.You've achieved success, but you're aspiring for more. At ELEVATE, we understand the yearning for a life upgrade.
Here, you'll find a sisterhood of high-achieving women, ready to share, support, and uplift each other in an environment free from judgment and full of opportunity.



  • COMBAT CEO LONELINESS: Joining ELEVATE means you're stepping into a vibrant community with women who not only understand the unique pressures you face but also bring a wealth of diverse perspectives and expertise. You're invited to engage in deep, meaningful conversations, build lasting relationships, and overcome the isolation often felt in high-level positions.

  • Surrounded by Ambition: Join a circle of women who are as goal-oriented as you. Whether it's personal milestones or professional achievements, you'll be in the company of those who strive for greatness in every aspect of their lives.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY AT ITS FINEST: We believe in the power of progress and action. Our culture of high-level accountability ensures that every member is supported and encouraged to develop both personally and professionally continually.

  • LEARN FROM THE BEST: Our events are led by experts from various fields, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience. Every month, gain new insights and practical strategies that apply to your business and personal life.

  • A SANCTUARY OF TRUST: ELEVATE is your confidential haven. A place where you can openly share your challenges and celebrate your successes in a secure and supportive environment.

  • INDULGE IN LUXURY: Your standards are high, and so are ours. Experience life and learning in luxurious settings that are carefully chosen to nurture your well-being and foster your growth.

Are You Ready to Elevate?

This is an exclusive application only mastermind for women Entrepreneurs or Company Directors in
Essex, Hertford, Suffolk and Cambridge areas.

The membership entails a commitment of 12 months. The annual fee is £3333 if paid upfront or £333 per month.The membership will give you access to:• A minimum of 12 workshops annually, both online and in person, covering various business and life topics.• One social event per month on rotation between Essex, Hertford, Suffolk and Cambridge areas. Please note, all food and beverage services during the event will be provided directly by the venue and will be charged accordingly. We recommend reviewing the venue's menu options and pricing in advance for your planning convenience.• The opportunity to experience our Spring Hiking Day and our European Retreat.


How many women usually attend?
Maximum 10 as we like to keep it intimate and exclusive.
What time are the meets up?
Masterclasses and workshops are usually between 9am to 2pm.
Social events start from 6pm.
Can you give me some examples of the masterclasses/workshops included in the membership?
Our schedule for 2024 includes Emotional Intelligence Masterclasses, the10x rule workshop, Human Design Masterclass, Lifebook Workshop.
Can you give me some examples of the social events organised by Elevate?
Exclusive dinners to the best restaurants available in Essex, Hertford, Suffolk and Cambridge.
We also organised Spring hiking days out and one European Retreat in September.